The You Beauts
The You Beauts
The You Beauts

The You Beauts

YP Threads

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- Bloke nails reversing his boat trailer straight into the water: You Beaut! 
- Bloke nails the snag to T Sauce ratio on your Bunnings snag: You Beaut! 
- The best bloody Australia Day boardies going ‘round: The You Beauts! 

NOTE: If you're buying these boardies with the matching Fair Dinkum shirt, we recommend you select a different style. The light blue background colour is inconsistent between the two styles. Apologies for the inconvenience. 

Every fiber in our clothing has been coated in vibes, engineered to give that crisp first beer on a Friday feel. Wanna know more? Check out below:

  • 100% quick dry polyester - (no one likes wet soggy pants)
  • Twin pockets ( FACT: 2 is better than 1)
  • Reinforced pocket mesh for quick water drainage + strength (ain’t no keys rippin these pockets)
  • Rear pocket with nautical thread


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